Shrink Fit Toolholding Technology

ERI ITALIA offers a wide range of shrink fit chucks with ISO DIN 69871/A, MAS403 BT, CAT ANSI B5.50, and HSK DIN 69893 tapers.

The shrink fit chucks can solve all the problems related to the lack of precision at high speeds by virtue of tightening that is created with the heating and cooling of the tool holder .

Another characteristic of this type of toolholder is the possibility , compared to hydraulic chucks , to be able to work in small spaces thanks to minimum dimensions while maintaining not only a considerable clamping force, but not have moving parts ensuring when threading a higher stiffness.

The main features offered by our products are:

  • High precision coupling between cutting tool & toolholder of less than 0,003 mm
  • High axial and radial clamping force even at very high speeds
  • Twisting Moment superior to any other system
  • Wide range of applications: for carbide and HSS tools
  • Longer tool and spindlel ife

Data Sheets

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